About Us


Private Pilates; genuine hand craft Pilates equipment !

We are a large family perceive Pilates as the way of life and motion.  We are pleased to keep touching lives positively with experienced Pilates instructors and Private Pilates equipment for 17 years. We are proud of offer premium exercise equipment to provide opportunities for Pilates and mind-body professionals, clubs, health care professionals, and Pilates lovers.
Founder Erhan Gurbaca, had been worked with many different Pilates equipment in his 25-years career as Pilates instructor and 12-years studio management period. Mr. Gürbaca, who aims to gather the knowledge gained throughout his career, he started to produce Pilates equipment under the brand of Private Pilates since 2017. Designing his equipment by considering the issues such as cost, quality, and difficulty of use in the sector. Today the Private Pilates brand has become the most preferred equipment. Thanks to excellent unique designs to build our equipment with mechanical and aesthetic integrity.

Mr. Gurbaca:
‘Throughout my career, I worked with many different equipment. I experienced the positive and negative aspects of all of them and decided to design the ideal Pilates equipment refer to friendly use, cost and quality. It was my dream to contribute Pilates awareness, therefore I combined all the equipment experiences I gained and the feedback I received from Pilates professionals in this 25-year period.

Today, Private Pilates equipment with its first-class quality and unique patented designs has been using in many studios, homes, and fitness centres, etc. The feedback from our customers and professionals are always motivating us to build the best equipment.

Adhering to the principles of Joseph Hubertus Pilates, we produce professional Pilates equipment by using contemporary production methods to improve people's mental development and quality of life.

Remove your limits with private Pilates Equipment; comfortable cushioning mats, quite working conditions, versatility of accessors will satisfy all your needs in one.

Thanks to the excellent material quality of home equipment. The FOLDABLE REFORMER has reinforced steel structure with all the details of a classic reformer, built for time and space saving at home or tide areas. We guarantee a premium experience with our products.

●Turkey's most preferred brand regarding to quality, ease of use, cost etc.

● We offer the most equipped Pilates Brand that produces every detail, including accessories and connection apparatus, within its own structure.

●Private Pilates as LTD company, we are proud of exporting our products to all over the world due to expanded sales network including USA, England, Germany, France, Dubai, Qatar, Nigeria, etc.